The Micro iPoker Online Poker Series starts today at Pokerstars

The entire poker world has its eyes fixed on the event at the World Series of poker Europe, with action Large_ipops_series1-820x300unfolding in Berlin.

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There will be plenty of opportunities to take their money in October and November, but this week is special for a unique reason.

On Monday, October 19, the iPoker Online Poker Series has started and with a guaranteed prize pool of €1 million there is enough money to go around.


Furthermore, there are no fewer than four different poker rooms that participate, with players having an account with various gambling operators being eligible. Just make sure you are on the correct network and don’t lose a single moment, because the competition is already in full swing.

There are two types of tournaments and 30 of them are dedicated to regular players who don’t mind spending decent amounts on the buy ins.

Significantly less money is required to participate in the smaller events and in any of them you will be requested to spend a couple of cents for the chance to win four digit amount.

These are successful hybrid between regular tournaments and freerolls should facilitate the mission of those who are trying to make a swift and smooth transition from one to the other.

The best case scenario is to participate in the main event which has a buy-in of no more than €20 and a guaranteed prize pool of €50,000.

Those who make the final table will receive a lot of money, but as long as you survive the bubble stage, you won’t leave home empty-handed. Players will be lavishly compensated for their efforts, so they should check out the 2015 iPOPS Micro Schedule below:


Date Time (GMT) Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
Oct. 20 19:30 iPOPS 3M €10 (Rebuy) €20,000
Oct. 20 21:00 iPOPS 4M €2 (Rebuy) €3,000
Oct. 21 19:30 iPOPS 5M €10 €10,000
Oct. 21 19:30 iPOPS 6M €1 €1,000
Oct. 22 19:30 iPOPS 7M €5 (Rebuy) €6,000
Oct. 22 21:00 iPOPS 8M €10 €3,000
Oct. 23 19:30 iPOPS 9M €10 €10,000
Oct. 23 21:00 iPOPS 10M €3 (Rebuy) €5,000
Oct. 24 19:30 iPOPS 11M €10 (Rebuy) €8,000
Oct. 24 21:00 iPOPS 12M €10 €5,000
Oct. 25 19:30 iPOPS 13M Main Event €20 €50,000
Oct. 25 20:00 iPOPS 14M €5 (Rebuy) €10,000